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Here at Drainage Central we only work with the best, and the Cascade Rainwater range has all the attributes. Using a unique patented manufacturing process, and over 50 years of industry experience, the end product is a system that has all the same characteristics as traditional cast iron but with all the benefits of modern plastic.

Unlike other imitation cast iron systems that use the normal extrusion process, our manufacturing process benefits the finished product in quality and life expectancy, providing a valued investment.

Utilising original cast iron details on pipework and hoppers, we allow architects and homeowners to benefit from the same quality as iron but also allow for savings on money, time and safety which plastic offers.

• Authentic Cast Iron Detailing
• Wide Range of Styles
• Affordable Alternative to Cast Iron
• Simple and Fast to Install
• Full UV Protection
• Full Corrosion Resistance and Durability

Cascade Cast Iron Style Guttering

Designed with cast iron in mind, but taking full advantage of the traits of UPVc plastic, we are able to offer a wide range of products including rainwater and soil systems in a wider range of colours. The Classic Black can offer to uphold the integrity of the more traditional styles of new building design, or, important renovation projects, where detail cannot be overlooked. Cascade is also available in a range of other colours including Oxford Blue, Olive Green, Graphite Grey, Porcelain White, Sandstone and the newest colour, Anthracite Grey.

Domestic Systems

• 106mm Prostyle Gutter
• 112mm Roundstyle Gutter
• 115mm Deepstyle Gutter
• 65mm Square Downpipe
• 68mm Round Downpipe
• Hoppers and Fittings

High Capacity Systems

• 160mm Roundstyle Gutter
• 105mm Round Downpipe
• 100mm x 75mm Rectangular Downpipe (4-inch x 3-inch)
• Hoppers and Fittings

Soil System

• 110mm Push Fit Soil Pipe
• Soil Stack Shroud
• Access Fittings and Adaptors
Our substantial range of original hopper styles and designs enable home-owners and designers to personalise their rainwater system, be that a gothic style or a simple dated hopper. With one of the largest ranges available in terms of style and size, it provides opportunity to best as possible renovate existing systems with fresher, newer ones, including Ogee, Bath, and Gothic hoppers. Alongside this is the range of Motifs available such as Fluer de lys, Lion, Tudor Rose and Gargoyles.

• Ogee
• Bath
• Gothic
• Squarestyle


• Fleur de lys
• Lion
• Tudor Rose
• Leaf
• Gargoyle
• Dated
• Four Leaf Square

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